Téma: Swedes are Germanicized Finns?

Specifically I'm talking about the Suiones being the same tribe as the Finns originally, who were and are, in their tongue called Suomi, which is no doubt related to their brethren Sami to the north.

It's widely thought that Sweden originated from a union between the Geats (Goths?) and the Suiones/Swedes (Svear in the map).
What if the southern part Gotland was the Germanic portion and the northern Svear were originally more related to the Finns/Suomi.

Some factors:

1. The paternal bloodline of the founder of Kievan Rus, Rurik, who was basically a Swede, was found to be more frequently associated with Finnish bloodlines. We often think of the Finnish and Estonian lands as the victims of Viking raids, but what if the Swedes were their kin who just assimilated into a Germanic-Viking language?

2. Suiones is close to the Finnish Suomi and Sami and sound. They are also very close to each other in location. What if Suiones is a distorted transliteration of Suomi and Sami?

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
References :
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