Téma: Which German political regime influenced Hitler and shaped Nazi ideolo

Was it Frederick the Great , the Prussian King of 18th Century which fought numereous wars during Austrian Succession and Seven Years War , concluded most of them victoriously or at least a certain degree of sucess. He was romanticised in a lot of ways. Later Hitler in his speeches and rants usually mentioned Frederick II , even displaying a portrait of him in his bunker. His role model maybe ?

Was it reactionary Iron Chancellor Otto von Bismark , whose policies of Iron and Blood in 19th Century unified Germany and created Second German Empire ( Second Reich) with limited wars initiated at frontiers to increase power and prestige of Prussia and linked every princedom under Prussian leadership. Unlike Bismark (who used diplomacy and proper checks and balances of alliances) though Hitler just believed brute power and intimidation in foreign relations. Just like Frederick the Great , Bismark was also highly romanticised in German nationalism.

Was it Kaiser Wilhelm II , who took over from Bismark at the end of 19th Century and determined that Germany would have a place in the sun by aggressive and offensive expansion and foreign policy ?

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