Téma: Need Co-Hosts for New History Podcast Ser

Hello, I am starting up a podcast series on the history of warfare starting with the beginning of civilization. The Series will be posted on Youtube as well as on Itunes. The first show will be on the beginning of written language and the next one will most likely be on the Sumerians. I want to make this a weekly podcast. My guests or co hosts and I will record the podcast through Skype where I will be recording our conversation. The shows will start with little summaries of the topics at hand and then I will throw questions to my guests/cohosts (pre-written of course, all of the guests/co-hosts will get all the questions/topics to be discussed beforehand.) After one topic is discussed we continue to the next one and so on. Ideally I would like to have some consistent cohosts/guests that can contribute to the show on a regular basis. If you can't do weekly, maybe we can schedule so that we record two shows in one take or so. If you just want to contribute to the show every now and then, that will also be much appreciated. Please reply to this post or private message me if interested. Thank you so much!

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