Téma: Arrowheadology Don't Waste ?

6-7 years ago I posted some pics asking for some help. All I got was a bunch of garbage accusing me of being someone named "I see rocks" and a load of useless crap.
5-6 pages of ridicule. Someone even found a post from World Historia accusing me of all kinds of heinous stuff.

But not one single piece of actual information or even close to a civil reply.

What brought this up is, after all this time, someone added a post and I was notified by email. Was it to add information? No, it was to add to the BS.

I twice tried to post a reply, but for whatever reason, I was banned.

I found other sites and folks who were helpful and more forthcoming with actual information and who took me seriously.

If your looking for actual info, the folks on that site are to self impressed and self important apparently to bother.

In other words, go somewhere else.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
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