Téma: Thoughts on the historicity of Ragnar Lothbrok?

I'm on a bit on a Norse kick. I ask this question because he seems to have been the Norse world's version of King Arthur (in terms of a legendary king who did great things and was genuinely thought to have existed by medieval peoples) and since there is speculation about King Arthur's historical basis I figured Ragnar might have one as well. It seems interesting to me that so many people/families wanted to connect themselves to him. I know some think he might be the same as the Reginherus who besieged Paris in 845. Another reason I think it is possibly he lived is oddly enough the manner of his death. It seems being thrown in a snake pit would be a strange way to go out for such a famous Viking leader. So strange it might be true; after all, if he was completely fictional a more glorious death in battle could have been developed for him. Thoughts?

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