Téma: Shields and spears vs unarmored heavy cavalry?

To me this seems like a no brainer. A well formed line of shields and spears should pose an impenetrable defense against heavy cavalry that are completely unarmored.

I'm speaking more specifically of what happened on Game of Thrones season 7 when the Dothraki charged the Lannister lines and moped them up. Granted, they had a freakin' dragon on their side, but when Jamie told Cercei of how they fought, like they were "legendary warriors" unbeatable in battle, it came across as rather ridiculous to me.

The swords the Dothraki use as well are crescent shaped to the extreme. They're not penetrating weapons and don't have very long reach. With their horses being unbarded, their riders unarmored, a defense of well trained veteran soldiers with tower shields and long reaching spears should have been suicide. Yes, yes, there were a LOT of Dothraki, but still...

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